Ladder Falls

Ladder Falls

Requirements for a Ladder

The contractors and owners are required to furnish ladders whenever necessary to give proper protection to an employee on a construction site, under the New York Labor Law section 240(1). If a contractor or owner violates section 240(1), they can be held completely responsible for the injuries of their workers.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) also require ladders anytime there is an elevation of 19 inches or more, and there is no ramp, runway, hoist, or other means of scaling the height. The employers also must make sure to keep the ladders in safe condition, through proper maintenance and inspection. According to OSHA, about three dozen fatalities and 25,000 injuries result from accidents on ladders every year.

Causes of Ladder Falls

Most ladder falls are preventable through proper maintenance, inspection, and by following the rules and regulations. However, every year accidents occur that cause injury to workers at construction sites. The most common reasons for ladder falls are:

  • A ladder is placed on a unstable or slippery surface
  • Ladder has exceeded weight capacity
  • Using a worn or damaged ladder
  • Improper use of ladder
  • Incorrect placement of ladder
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